The trip mentality.

We dream of deserts, beaches, & forests to immerse ourselves in, places to be at one with country, places to relax & to understand, to potter & to relax, to push ourselves & to achieve. 

That’s all very well, but as is the norm (for us at least) the closer we get to leaving,  the bigger the ‘to do list’ becomes. It seems like for every item we cross off the list two more get added. Anxiety builds, but is tempered by past experience. We know that a week or two into the trip we’ll smile together, understanding that we really hadn’t needed to worry. But we still do anyway. Each in our own way. But we still support each other through it.

It’s different this time, actually it’s different every time, but this time we are not embarking on a trip. A trip has a beginning & it has an end. Half way through a trip you are always on the ‘home run’ which has an  effect upon your perception of all you see & do. This time ‘trip’ has been substituted for ‘lifestyle’. It will of course have a beginning,  a middle , & an end  but the significant difference is that we wont know when the middle is, only when it was, once we finally identify the end. It’s an essential element to our dream.