This is my home in the physical world.  I live here with MrsTea. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in 2007. We have one son, now adult & living infependently close by.
Our home up in the hills of south eastern Victoria, Australia, is surrounded by natural bush & timber plantations. Our few neighbours are vastly outnumbered by kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, emus, koalas, echidnas, eagles, parrots, & many others, We are approx 30kms from the nearest town & 10kms from the nearest sealed road & have 76 acres on which we keep a few cattle, sheep, pigs, goats & chooks. Tappet, our ageing Border Collie/Kelpie cross lives in the house with us.

I’m a bit of a hermit, leaving the property perhaps only once per fortnight, enjoying my own company & that of my animals. MrsTea travels into town, where she works as a Nurse. In my past life I worked as a Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Nurse & a Family Therapist, but ‘retired’ early (at age 41) when public health services were privatised in 1998.

We try to be as self sufficient as we can, but are not ‘’precious’ about it, raising all our meat & eggs & enough vegies to support us for around 7 months each year. I make cheese with the milk from the goats. Our water comes from the sky & is collected in dams & tanks. Heating is from slow combustion stoves, with plentiful supplies of firewood all around us.

I never imagined I’d ever say this, but I’m finding that whilst being a ‘biker’ has been a central part of who I am, for all of my adult life, that these days I’m riding less & less. Getting cold & wet seems to have got colder & wetter over the years. I can’t imagine ever being ‘bikeless’. but these days my passion for motorhoming seems to be taking over.

In May 2008 we will be taking a jaunt around Australia in ‘Anonybus’(with a couple of off road bikes in tow) for almost 18 months. If I could do anything I wanted, I would travel around the world, living ‘on the road’ for as long as I enjoyed doing so, no time limits, but partnerships worth cherishing have their compromises, & MrsTea prefers the comfort & security of home. Our ‘jaunt’ therefore will be a compromise..... but a compromise I dream about every day. We intend to utilise this website to record & share our adventures with family, friends ....& you.

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