10 thoughts on “ABC Radio North Queensland Interview 30th September 2022

  1. It was good to hear your voice again, Cuppa. I hope that you and Julie are still enjoying your travel stays. Love the blog.

  2. Hi there Cuppa. Next expect you to make a movie with Brad Pitt or other notables. Bit past John Wayne times.

    1. Hi Keith, “The hell I will” (to misquote John Wayne) ….. they couldn’t afford me! Ha ha.

    1. How wonderful to hear your voice.
      I have followed your Blog for sometime now and emailed you a couple times.
      I get excited each time I see Nomadic Life appear in my inbox. Best wishes to you and Mrs.T
      Pat Page UK.

      1. Hi Pat, it’s been a while but I’m so pleased you are still reading & enjoying the blog.

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