About Us

July 2017

We are Cuppa & MrsTea,  a couple of Aussie ex-poms who fell in love with Australia when we migrated here 30 years ago (’87). I’m about to turn 60 & MrsTea is a year younger, something she is prone to reminding me about with a smirk from time to time. We’ve been a couple for 36 years & each other’s best friend for most of that.

Both of us were psychiatric nurses, but whilst MrsTea remained working in the field until her retirement (this year), I changed & became a farmer on the property we loved & nurtured atop the Strzlecki Ranges, Gippsland, Victoria, where we lived a semi self sufficient lifestyle for almost 20 years. MrsTea earned what money we needed,  & we saved excess to fund travel.  I stayed home & raised animals & vegies providing the lifestyle we loved

In 2008/9 we travelled 45,000 kms in a figure 8 around Australia (<- Link to previous blog)  in a bus I had converted. Travelling for 18 months felt  huge  at the time, & it was, and we loved it, in spite of major mechanical woes along the way!  The time passed all too quickly & we found ourselves back home, wishing we were still out there ‘on the road’.

A 5 year plan was hatched which we hoped would enable us to become full time travellers, & now a little over 7 years later we are on the brink of realising the dream which has sustained us.  We sold the farm, moved to a smaller property in Central Victoria which we intend to rent out, having fenced off an area of paddock & constructed a modest but comfortable ‘bolt hole’ to return to whenever we want or need to.