Vehicle history

June 2017

The vehicle has more desert experience than us having been a Telstra service vehicle operating from a base in Alice Springs during it’s working life. A life a long way from the coastal salty air has kept it rust free, but even now after 6 years of ownership I still occasionally find little pockets of red sand hidden away. Soon we’ll add more.

It came with a complete service history back to day one & I was also able to contact the workshop where all the servicing had been carried out every 5000kms & to talk to the mechanic to confirm the history before we bought it. It was a pretty thorough service history with anything remotely suspect replaced as a matter of course. It even had a complete new front differential fitted less than 5000kms before we bought it, the original diff housing having been cracked. I don’t know the story of how it happened, but diff housings don’t come any tougher than on the Patrols so it’d have taken take a pretty fair effort !

To date, over the six years we’ve had it, we have only added a further 30,000kms, using it as required, but essentially ‘saving’ it for the purpose it was bought for. During that time it has been faultless. It has also been heavily modified to suit our touring purpose.

The photos below show the car as we bought it, complete with ladder racks, internal racking, conduit carrier, even a little electric hot water hand wash sink. What can’t be seen is the extensive added wiring hidden in every crevice for all the extra Telstra communication gear (since removed).