Norman’s 1990 Civilian


Hi Cuppa! The bus is a 1990 model and i started stripping it out in Oct 04 and was on the road late April 05. To get the layout  I marked out the floor with chalk all to scale. The ply was all 3mm with 20mm x 40mm framing all glued and screwed. I used ‘No More Nails’ for the glue and has worked a treat, all screws were brass. The ceiling was done first, all joints were smoothed using builders bog.

The  ply was lined with commercial grade vinyl wall coverings as used in banks etc! full length without any joins. Sink bench etc, was all built in situ. with material from Bunnings. The woodgrain panels were from Plytec International, glued to the ply, again with no more nails. The bathroom was done with soft vinyl flooring, using a hair drier to get round corners.The front seats are from a Nissan Laurel, both are drivers seats & very comfortable. It has 100lt fresh and 124 lt grey water monitored.  85watt solar and 220amp hr batteries. C2 thetford.



Another Kiwi conversion