Smol Nambas  from the northern end of Malekula Island.

The name Smol Nambas (Small nambas) derives from the penis sheaths (nambas) that the men wear. The name is not indicative of the size of their appendages, rather the size of the sheath. In another area of North Malekula live the Big Nambas tribe. Their sheaths are larger. The dancers here are the complete population of a Kastom  village, who decided to maintain their traditional lifestyle. As with most people in Vanuatu, they are subsistence farmers, but manage to obtain occasional small income from dancing for visitors. Their bodies are covered in charcoal from the fire, having taken several hours to prepare for our visit. Although we felt a bit ‘touristy’, our visit was quite intimate. The village put on a spectacle for just the two of us.